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Product Range / Rotary Sieve

The HRS400 Rotary Honey Strainer offers an economical method of straining out wax fragment and debris from the honey. It is best to warm the honey before it is pumped into the strainer to assist with throughput. The strainer can be left running overnight to recover as much honey as possible from the cappings.

A sausage of wax is removed from the barrel through the opening in the sides. The barrel can be removed for cleaning. Mesh from 570 micron to 1000 is available. It is powered by compressed air and a small electronic timer Air requirements 200 litres per min at 6 bars

"We use Boutelje equipment throughout our honey extraction factory. The machines are of the highest quality, very robust, and the after sales service and support that the team provide, are second to none. Peter Boutelje's understanding of honey processing systems is invaluable."
Aaron Grubb - Mana Kai Honey