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The Boutelje dual automatic conveyor honey loosener is either supplied as a dual head loosener, or you can upgrade an automatic single head loosener.

It can be spliced into your extraction line or it can be fitted to an existing conveyor - we supply loosening head, controls and brackets if a beekeeper has a conveyor and no space to add a complete machine. The loosener uncaps up the missed cappings, but can also be by passed.


Frames are loaded onto the conveyor (by hand or via an uncapping machine), and queue at a pick-up point from where they are automatically loosened and returned to the conveyor. The conveyor delivers the frames to the honey extractors.

The system may be attached to the Boutelje 60FR horizontal radial honey extractor, where the sweep works together with the conveyor to transport frames into the honey extractor.

Special features

  • The control system is set up so that the operator can set the number of pricks and indexing distances.
  • The system will count the number of frames that have been processed.
  • A selector enables frames to by-pass the loosening operation but still use the conveyor.
  • A drip tray is provided and is designed to drain into a sump (optional).

Optional extras

  • Double loosening stroke. The needles plunge into the cells,withdraw 10mm then plunge again. Selector ON/OFF


  • Throughput speed: 10 frames per minute
  • up to 66 boxes per hour with 9 frame supers
  • Air consumption: 400 litres/min @ 7 bars
  • Voltage: 220 single phase
  • Length: 3000mm (can be made shorter)
  • Width: 1000mm (including control cabinet)
  • Height: 2300mm (can be lowered if there is a constraint)

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"I have been in the honey industry for 7 years now and started my company called Ngabush honey Co ltd , I worked in the Moerewa freezing works for 30 years in the rendering plant ,and so I am very familiar with machinery, and I am quite adamant of getting the right machinery to do the right job the first time, So I searched the internet and came across Peter Boutelje products. I have watched the business grow over the years. I have purchased a semi Auto Pricker and a 24 frame extractor which is an excellent machine, you will not be disappointed.They have a high standard of Tig welding which is something to admire. "
Jim Ngawati