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Honey is pumped into the centrifuge through a rotary joint.

The honey enters the rotor where it is spun at extremely high speed. (it is below the speed at which pollen separates).

The "g" forces separate and compress wax particles that are left in the honey after primary separation.

This centrifuge cleans up small particles of beeswax that are left in the honey after the primary cleaning process. It is particularly effective in cleaning manuka and heather honey because the honey is subjected to very high `G` forces. The `G` forces are so high that the honey is squeezed out of the wax, and the honey comes out exceptionally clean

The centrifuge is emptied by removing the lid and pulling out a cylindrical crust of beeswax. This is easy to do because there is a thin film of honey on the outside of the wax. The honey can be delivered directly into your storage vat without using a sump. When a Boutelje honey loosener is used to uncap and loosen the honey the centrifuge can hold the cappings of up to 70-90 supers. We recommend that a loosener only is used with this machine, or if you use an uncapper you would do best to remove the bulk of the wax first and use the filter centrifuge as a finishing filter.

The bulk of the wax can be removed using a cappings spinner, wax press or spinfloat type centrifuge.

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"I have been in the honey industry for 7 years now and started my company called Ngabush honey Co ltd , I worked in the Moerewa freezing works for 30 years in the rendering plant ,and so I am very familiar with machinery, and I am quite adamant of getting the right machinery to do the right job the first time, So I searched the internet and came across Peter Boutelje products. I have watched the business grow over the years. I have purchased a semi Auto Pricker and a 24 frame extractor which is an excellent machine, you will not be disappointed.They have a high standard of Tig welding which is something to admire. "
Jim Ngawati