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Boutelje semi automatic honey looseners are used for loosening manuka/heather/jellybush honey.

They are also used to do the work of an uncapping machine. When used as an uncapping machine there will only be a fraction of the wax to process.

The beekeeper places a frame into the loosener - which triggers a photo eye to start the loosening cycle.

Thousands of spring-loaded plastic needles plunge into the comb, and in combination with an indexing action it will loosen all the cells.

After loosening the comb it is lifted clear of the needles so that it can be removed by hand.

A unique feature of this machine is the stripper plate, which cleans the honey and wax off the needles every time the needles retract. This makes it possible to loosen fresh wax combs which would otherwise break up in the process.

To maximise the loosening we have used a `double bump needle` - it has two bumps at the end of each needle.

Special features

  • Self-cleaning stripper plate system
  • Thick plates used for needle banks
  • Hands free start
  • Fully guarded mechanism ensures safety for operators
  • Strong springs in needle banks - ensure that the honey is properly loosened in the base of every cell.
  • Accurate closing mechanism with four point cam mechanism ensures all cells are loosened to the foundation
  • Needle banks are easily removed for cleaning and maintainance
  • 24V control system - safe for operators
  • Needles have "double bump" to make sure the honey in the cells is properly loosened


  • Air consumption: 8 cu flt @ 100 psi (200 litre/min @ 7 bar)
  • Voltage: 200V to 24V power pack
  • Throughput: 4.5 frames per minute
  • Comb size: Suitable for full depth and ¾ depth Langstroth. "Deep" model is suitable for European frames - both deep and short types

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""I have been dealing with Boutelje Products for a number of years. The quality of craftsmanship and innovation is of the highest standard. Boutelje's personalized service and understanding of honey processing systems is invaluable." "
James Harrison- Kiwitahi Honey