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Place drums on pallet on platform scale. Swivel and position the nozzle above the drum opening.

We have provided a motorised height adjustor to set the height to the drums you are using . operate using switch.

The arm lock in position when you take your hands off the handle..

When the START button is pressed the scales zero and the pump starts.

When the weight is just before set point the pump slows down, then stops at set point.

Boutelje BCB Vane pumps are suitable for this job because they develop high pressure. Drums are filled in less than ten minutes

Samples - just raise the motor enough for a sample jar , fill the jar and lower the arm. The positive shutoff nozzle makes sure that you dont get drips on the top of drum.

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"We bought an automatic honey loosener two years ago and have had very few problems and if there are any issues or tweaks that need to be done Peter Boutelje's team are very helpful to talk us through it. The yearly service that they do on the machine gives you peace of mind for the up and coming season. Thank you for the excellent service. "
Matt - Golden Flow Apiaries