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The Boutelje Super Conveyor supports your boxes on wheels bolted to the inner wall of a trough - making them easy to move.

This idea was developed by Boutelje Products in 2012.

It minimises the buildup of material and also offers access to the trough for cleaning.

The boxes can be stacked in one or more layers.

The Super conveyor can serve as an accumulation system for boxes so that the beekeeper can remain working at his station for longer periods. It also helps with keeping the boxes at the right height.

If you have limited access to your honey shed and need to leave your forklift at the door, you can de-stack pallets onto the Super Conveyor and use it to get the boxes to or from your machinery. The Super conveyor has swivel lock castors to make it easy to move around your honey shed.

The conveyors can also be coupled end to end for greater length.

The Super conveyor is strongly built so will take a heavy load without buckling. The tray below has a sloping V floor and an drainage outlet, thus facilitating easy cleaning.

This design can be adapted for shifting boxes overhead.

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"We bought an automatic honey loosener two years ago and have had very few problems and if there are any issues or tweaks that need to be done Peter Boutelje's team are very helpful to talk us through it. The yearly service that they do on the machine gives you peace of mind for the up and coming season. Thank you for the excellent service. "
Matt - Golden Flow Apiaries