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Designed for the smaller honey house, these automatic swing basket honey extractors are available in either 12-frame or 16-frame models. They are suitable for extraction of all honey, especially Manuka honey (on single or double process).

The Boutelje 16 FS Manuka honey extractor offers you

  • Best extraction of your crop
  • 16 frames in double baskets
  • Robust construction in stainless steel
  • Top drive - keep the drive motor off the floor
  • Unique lower bearing set with external drainage
  • Central drainage base to assist with cleaning
  • Multi position lids
  • Controller can be mounted in position of choice
  • Safety latch is mounted clear of the honey - it locks the lid during extraction
  • Three programs for different honey types


  • Automatic opening lids
  • Eight programs to give even more choices on your extraction for wax foundation combs and different honeys.
  • Heated coil on inside of tank
  • Hot air inlet for blower


  • Motor: 0.75kw 3 phase, driven by single phase controller
  • Weight: 80kg
  • Size: 950mm diameter
  • Height: 950mm
  • Outlet: 75mm RJT Male outlet
  • Baskets: 6 or 8 double (according to model)

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    "We bought an automatic honey loosener two years ago and have had very few problems and if there are any issues or tweaks that need to be done Peter Boutelje's team are very helpful to talk us through it. The yearly service that they do on the machine gives you peace of mind for the up and coming season. Thank you for the excellent service. "
    Matt - Golden Flow Apiaries