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This is an automatic 32-frame swing basket honey extractor using a compact design for extraction of all honey, especially Manuka honey, on single or double process.

Single process extracting assumes that the combs are full of manuka honey, so they can be loosened and extracted.

The double process involves extracting the honey twice - the first time on a low speed to extract pasture honey - then processed a second time after it has been loosened. This process can lead to large forces on the extractor because of the variability in the manuka content

The 32FS is built to withstand these forces.


  • Built to the same standards of strength as the 16FS and the 24FS extractors.
  • Excellent recovery of honey.
  • Good working height - 950mm standard, but can be customized to suit.
  • Powerful top mounted motor to keep clear from floor dirt and moisture.
  • Double lids for full access, with automatic opening system.
  • Hygienic design to guard against ingress of dirt.
  • Safety locking device on lid lifting cylinder.
  • Double baskets of punched plate for strength, that are quick to load.
  • Steep slope to outlet to drain out the honey.
  • Three settings for speed and time cycle for different honey types


  • Leg extensions
  • Heated base
  • Plastic lids
  • Eight programs to accommodate wax foundation and different honeys
  • Electrically operated lid opening mechanism
  • Hot air inlet for using a hot air blower


  • Motor: 2.2 kw 3 phase, driven by single phase controller
  • Weight: 300 kg
  • Size: 1400 mm diameter
  • Height: 950 mm
  • Outlet: 75mm RJT Male
  • Baskets: 16 double

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"The autumn after building my bee shed, I began talking to Peter Boutelje about my options for a cost effective, yet efficient plant for a smaller beekeeping operation. The knowledge and experience Peter and his staff have of engineering honey equipment is invaluable, and his willingness to find a good solution for my business was greatly appreciated. After my first thirty tons extracted through Boutelje's Small Extraction System, I can say with great conviction that it is reliable, simple to use, maintain and clean, and is built to last. The jewel in the crown of the system is the filter centrifuge. For a system only running a centrifuge to clean the honey, it comes out at an excellent standard for bulk honey. It is also very quick and easy to start, stop and clean. After the maiden run, I was operating without a hitch. Simple as that. Alex Reekers Heritage Valley Honey Limited"
Alex Reekers - Heritage Valley Honey Limited