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This honey extractor holds 60 Langstroth frames and uses the horizontal radial method of extracting honey, offering the beekeeper increased throughput, thus reducing labour in the honey house.

It is built extremely well in order to withstand any imbalance.

Use the Boutelje Automatic Loosener to supply the infeed to this machine.

The system uses a powerful air operated sweep to push the frames into the reel and to eject empty frames onto the outfeed rails.

This extractor can be scaled in length so that you can do up to 160 frames per load.


  • Motor: 1.5kw, 220 volts, single phase split to drive 3 phase controller.
  • Air Requirements: 400 litres per min at 7 bars.
  • Extraction Time: Typical cycle is 10 minutes (adjustable).
  • Drive Unit: Enclosed motor gearbox.
  • Space Required: Approx 12m x 4m.
  • Batch Size: 60 x Langstroth (35mm end bars) or 45 x Manly (43mm end bars).

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"When it came time to set-up our own extraction room, we utilized Boutelje equipment. Peter was able to give us good advice on a cost effective solution to support our current volume, as well as plan for future expansion. We went from first equipment delivery to signed off RMP in 20 days, quick turnaround on support requests during our early days was crucial to our success. "
Mike Everly - Forest and Bees Native Honey