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The Boutelje Filter Centrifuge -

Designed in 2004


One pump is used to deliver honey through the centrifuge and into the bulk tank without the need for a heat exchanger, sump or extra pump.

Empty the contents every 90 boxes - quick and easy. Open the lid, take out the core, replace lid and start again.

Features /Benefits

  • One pump gets the honey into your tank Simplify your equipment - no heat exchanger/sump/ transfer pump to tank
  • Ordinary pump required for basic operation You may use a low pressure pump (Higher pressure pump is desirable if you are wanting to also drive the honey through a filter or lift the honey more than two metres
  • Excellent clean honey Command the highest prices
  • Quick to get clean honey from start up No waste of honey
  • Quick emptying Save time to empty the centrifuge
  • Stop at any point without spilling honey Versatile for small runs
  • Small foot print - on floor/ mount on top of tank Save space/ don't use ANY space.
  • Well developed inlet and outlet Reliable operation
  • Stainless steel inlet/outlet Full compliance for food processing
  • Rinse out your extractor with clean honey Use the flexi hose
  • Separates any material like sand that has got extracted - it sticks to the rotor wall.

It is perfect for systems that use a loosener for uncapping the honey because very much less wax is produced.

The reason is that when you uncap using a loosener the ammount of wax is reduced to about a quarter of the ammount that you would get from an uncapper.

The honey enters the rotor where it is spun at extremely high speed. (it is below the speed at which pollen separates).

The "g" forces separate and compress wax particles that are left in the honey after primary separation.

This centrifuge cleans up small particles of beeswax that are left in the honey after the primary cleaning process. It is particularly effective in cleaning manuka and heather honey because the honey is subjected to very high `G` forces. The `G` forces are so high that the honey is squeezed out of the wax, and the honey comes out exceptionally clean.

The centrifuge is emptied by removing the lid and pulling out a cylindrical crust of beeswax. This is easy to do because there is a thin film of honey on the outside of the wax. The honey can be delivered directly into your storage vat without using a sump. When a Boutelje honey loosener is used to uncap and loosen the honey the centrifuge can hold the cappings of up to 70-90 supers. We recommend that a loosener only is used with this machine, or if you use an uncapper you would do best to remove the bulk of the wax first and use the filter centrifuge as a finishing filter.

The bulk of the wax can be removed using a cappings spinner, wax press or spinfloat type centrifuge.

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"When it came time to set-up our own extraction room, we utilized Boutelje equipment. Peter was able to give us good advice on a cost effective solution to support our current volume, as well as plan for future expansion. We went from first equipment delivery to signed off RMP in 20 days, quick turnaround on support requests during our early days was crucial to our success. "
Mike Everly - Forest and Bees Native Honey