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This machine enables you to separate wax from the honey and the honey from the wax, to produce dry shavings and clean honey.

Wax/Honey Centrfuges give you the driest wax of all machines- you can see how much money gets lost when you calculate your cappings honey waste - it is HUGE

It is suitable for all honey types including Manuka honey.

Cappings are collected in an auger situated below the uncapping machine.

Honey from the honey extractors is pumped into the auger where it is mixed.

The slurry is pumped through the heat exchanger - to heat it to about 36-38 degrees - after which it is fed into the centrifuge.

(It is important that a high quality heat exchanger is used in order to heat the honey evenly. This minimises the chance of soft wax blocking the crust).

The wax is lighter and accumulates in a crust on the inside surface of a mass of spinning honey, whereas the wax-free honey flows down the inner side of the rotor and though a gap to other side of a baffle plate.

The wax is shaved off with powered cutters and drops down into a container, whilst the honey is flung out by the thrower tubes against the inside wall of the outer tank.

The honey is pumped away directly, or via a sump to your bulk holding tanks.


  • All stainless steel welds argon gas purged for quality and hygiene.
  • Baked finish tubular steel frame, choice of frame height
  • Modular central shaft - nickel plated housing and stainless steel shaft and mounting flange.
  • Hardened tool steel wax cutters for long life
  • Rigid cutter assembly allows wax to be removed without water sprays. (Dryer wax shavings attained when water spray used).
  • Good tolerance to semi-crystallised honey.
  • Outwards hinging dump valve system to improve reliability of valves.
  • Improved thrower tube nozzles to reduce foaming of honey.
  • Wall mounted electronic speed control cabinet with easy speed setting.
  • 2.2kw rotor motor for high power.
  • 1.5kw wax cutter motor

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"We bought an automatic honey loosener two years ago and have had very few problems and if there are any issues or tweaks that need to be done Peter Boutelje's team are very helpful to talk us through it. The yearly service that they do on the machine gives you peace of mind for the up and coming season. Thank you for the excellent service. "
Matt - Golden Flow Apiaries