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This is a specially designed auger (Boutelje Products 2010) that combines several functions

  • To catch the cappings
  • To mix extracted honey and cappings into a uniform slurry
  • To chop up large pieces of wax
  • To strain the slurry through a grid so that downstream equipment stays clear

Construction features

  • Trough in 3mm stainless steel – all washable
  • Large diameter auger flights to mix the wax and honey thoroughly. The volume is kept small so that

good mixing of honey and cappings can be achieved

  • Robust chopping blades for long life
  • Replaceable engineering plastic support bushes
  • 375 watt geared motor, single phase IP65 speed control
  • Reversing switch to clear blockages
  • Safety grid to keep personnel away from auger
  • Cover supplied to keep motor clean
  • 63mm RJT outlet connection, (to match BCB Vane Pump (or other sizes to suit your application)
  • Everything can be removed by sliding it out from one end – you just remove a large triclover clamp.
  • Plastic foot pads to make it easy to slide on a concrete floor when you need access to it.

Optional extras:

  • Jacketed outer
  • Extended walls for extra capacity
  • Adapters to suit your pump inlet


  • Length: 600mm long trough plus motor 220mm
  • Width: 450mm
  • Height: 450mm (Fits underneath your uncapping machine)

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Jim Ngawati