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We manufacture large systems that can extract up to 60 boxes/hr. If we include a mirrored system with common box feeds we are able to extract up to 120 boxes per hour

They can either be labour intensive with three or four people or we can offer various levels of automation to reduce labour requirements down to two people. (The 120 box per hour system would require extra staff)

We like to offer systems that can be automated in steps. A large system from Boutelje Products will look something like this:

  • Boxes are manually cleaned, sorted and loaded onto our box handling conveyor. We can provide lifting devices to help operators.
  • Bar code scanning or Radio Frequency (RF) readers if needed can be used in conjunction with the box conveyor - automatic.
  • Scales can be incorporated into the box conveyor - automatic
  • Boutelje deboxer - deboxes and sweeps frames onto uncapper (or direct onto the loosener infeed) - automatic
  • Empty boxes are swept off onto an idler roller conveyor - automatic
  • Dual Automatic looseners loosen at 10 frames per minute
  • The 36FS , 32FS or 24FS Boutelje or horizontal honey extractors are loaded by the operators.
  • Heat exchangers warm the honey
  • Auger mixes and chops the cappings and honey
  • Centrifuges - either wax/honey centrifuge (spinfloat) or filter centrifuge
  • Bulk blending/storage tanks
  • Platform scales with filling arm and nozzle

We can add pasteurisers to operate inline that keep up with the extraction as well as reduce moisture in the honey.

Depending on your future or present processing requirements we will work with you to design a system that meets your criteria.

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"When it came time to set-up our own extraction room, we utilized Boutelje equipment. Peter was able to give us good advice on a cost effective solution to support our current volume, as well as plan for future expansion. We went from first equipment delivery to signed off RMP in 20 days, quick turnaround on support requests during our early days was crucial to our success. "
Mike Everly - Forest and Bees Native Honey