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Our medium systems can be built up with different combinations of our equipment.

Basic automated system:

  • Boutelje Automatic Conveyor Loosener. (Single)
  • Boutelje 24FS or 32FS Honey Extractor (or 60FR Extractor)
  • Filter Centrifuge
  • Bulk Mixing tank
  • Drum filling using Drum Fill Sensor

Additonal extras:

  • Deboxer
  • Uncapping machine + Wax press + heat exchanger (cold conditions) + extra Filter Centrifuge / Uncapping machine + auger + heat exchanger + Wax/Honey Centrifuge (Spinfloat).
  • Dual head loosener
  • Additional honey extractors

The above can give you up to 50 boxes per hour with two people - dependent on the condition of your equipment.

It is possible to add to any system that we supply you, as listed above. Beekeepers often match the equipment to the number of boxes they can take off.

Hotrooms are very useful - they too need to have a big enough capacity to keep up with the extraction rate.

We can work with you to design a system that meets your criteria. We design to optimize the space available in your honey house and find solutions that fit your budget. We can supply basic requirements that can be duplicated or added to as your business grows.

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"I have been in the honey industry for 7 years now and started my company called Ngabush honey Co ltd , I worked in the Moerewa freezing works for 30 years in the rendering plant ,and so I am very familiar with machinery, and I am quite adamant of getting the right machinery to do the right job the first time, So I searched the internet and came across Peter Boutelje products. I have watched the business grow over the years. I have purchased a semi Auto Pricker and a 24 frame extractor which is an excellent machine, you will not be disappointed.They have a high standard of Tig welding which is something to admire. "
Jim Ngawati