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Our "shell and tube" heat exchangers warm the honey for easier handling.

We can manufacture these to a specified height, but would normally supply either 2m, 3m or 6m high.

They can be mounted vertically or horizontally, or at a slight angle, either hung from your rafters or mounted on one of our stands.

The water heating circuit is separate. Heating is typically done with gas or electricity. We supply hot water circulating pumps and valves for the heating circuit.

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"When it came time to set-up our own extraction room, we utilized Boutelje equipment. Peter was able to give us good advice on a cost effective solution to support our current volume, as well as plan for future expansion. We went from first equipment delivery to signed off RMP in 20 days, quick turnaround on support requests during our early days was crucial to our success. "
Mike Everly - Forest and Bees Native Honey