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Maintenance & Support

At Boutelje products we take pride in providing a full backup service for our machines.

Give us a call when one of our machines is being problematic. We can usually diagnose over the phone and send spare parts that we have in stock. Dan is our expert on all things electrical and electronic.

  • We can often trouble shoot over the phone and send spare parts where necessary.
  • We commission new installations and we are happy to come and effect repairs at your honey house if this is the best option.
  • We also schedule certain machines to come back to the factory for a service once processing for the year is finished. We then replace bearings, refurbish needle banks etc and test so they are all ready for the next season.
  • A full description of a service or refurbishment can be supplied - please ask.

If we cant fix over the phone or guide a local engineer we will come and fix on site. Note: At the end of the season please let us know if your machine needs a service. This is always a good idea each season to check all the bearings and bolts, refurbish needlebanks etc. We are continuously trying to make improvemnts to our machines and any upgrades will be discussed with you

"I have been dealing with Boutelje Products for a number of years. The quality of craftsmanship and innovation is of the highest standard. Boutelje's personalized service and understanding of honey processing systems is invaluable. "
James Harrison- Kiwitahi Honey